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TapeCalc V3.00 - TapeCalc the Best Adding Machine Software

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Easy to Use

Pad and Pencil

Works just like an Adding Machine.
Functions exactly like an Adding Machine but provides the editing and storage that are found in a computer. Even provides undo and redo functions.

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Reliability Image

All of the functions of a good Adding Machine.
Tested to work just like a small adding machine. The final software testing is done by an automatic testing program that thoroughly checks all operations.

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Save on Electricity, Paper Tape, and Ribbons.
The payoff for is approximately 3-9 months depending on the usage. Think of the improvement to the environment.

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Welcome to

The Tape Calculator called TapeCalc V3.00 (Windows) or TapeCalc Pro (Apple) was initially developed under the direction of my wife. She had very specific ideas about what she wanted. The exact details of what she wanted are contained in the Behind The Scenes.
However, our customers seem to have additional requirements. TapeCalc V3.00 and TapeCalc Pro were developed to meet these requirements, including Business, CPA, Accounting and Touch capabilities.

TapeCalc News

TapeCalc 3.00 and TapeCalc Pro have been released.

  • TapeCalc V3.00 is an update of TapeCalc 2.02. TapeCalc's interface has been redesigned for easier operation. TapeCalc V3.00 contains several features requested by the Business, CPA, and Accounting communities.

    • A Repeat Entry option for faster entry.

    • 10 Key entry, enters digits from the right digit.

    • Copy and Paste improvements for more tape like appearances when pasting to a PDF or similar documents.

    • Display size adjustments for medium and large display options have been added. The tape entries have been made larger for all display sizes.

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  • TapeCalc Version 3.00 is a Touch enabled version for UltraBook. The screen size has been made larger for easier Touch entry and there is a right and left-handed version for easier data entry. This offering also includes the TapeCalc V3.00 version's updates.

  • Additional Volume pricing have been added to the website. Purchase TapeCalc V3.00 for as low as $5.00 in volume.

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Brittany's Comments

TapeCalc is a great product. I was able to use it within minutes of installation.
Brittany M...

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